About Me Facts

Hi everyone!

I thought it would be fun to start off this blog with some  facts about myself.  So here we go!

1. I am a female who is currently sixteen years old but will be turning seventeen real soon!

2. I will not be giving out my exact location due to privacy reasons since I’m a minor, but the region I live in is New England, USA (it’s wicked cool ;D).

3. Hence the privacy reasons, I will not be putting up pictures of myself on this blog until I turn eighteen. The following will be the only two pictures you’ll see of me on this blog for now.


Me and my true love  my camera (or at least my old camera, I own a Cannon T3 now)


Attempting to be Rose from the Titanic

4. I have had chronic food and environmental/chemical allergies for as long as I can remember. It is not easy but I’ve learned to accept it and find foods that are more than purely palatable that I can eat (in fact, many of them taste even better than the foods that contain my allergens in them). I am allergic to gluten, dairy, and msg. I also have to limit the amount of soy and artificial colors/flavors that I consume. The main focus of this blog for now will be about allergy-free living and helping making the lives of those whom have allergies easier. I have found that I have gained a wealth of  information from reading other food allergy/green beauty blogs, so I want to help those whom like me, are navigating the sometimes confusing world of allergies we live in.

5. I loveeeee photography!!! You can always hear my camera making the sound, “click, click, click…” I own a Cannon T3 and it is my prized possession! I also equally love digital imaging as much as taking photographs. I plan on sharing some photography I’ve done and maybe even giving some photo tutorials! There is nothing better than photography to catch the essence of a moment.

6.  I love to read and I have an eclectic taste in books. While I do read books in the young adult and adult section, I will admit that I still adore reading children’s literature.

7.  I am a thespian(a lover of theater)! ! I have always loved doing acting but have really gotten into it over the past two years. I especially love comedic acting.

8. I love comedy in general. Some of my favorite TV shows are Ugly Betty, The Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, and Parenthood.

9. I am a person who has periods where I become obsessed with certain television shows. When I was eight years old, I had an obsession with Full House. I am pretty sure I have seen every single episode.

10. I am as speedy as a honey badger when it comes to typing (80+ words a minute!).

11. I can be as loud as a moving freight train or as quiet as the calmness of the sea on a balmy day.

12. I am a fashionista whose sense of style is feminine but edgy with a southwestern flair.

13.  I am a lover of the idea of winter, but when I actually have to bundle up, it becomes kind of a drag.

14. I am good at exactly four sports; biking, ice skating, skiing, and gymnastics. Other than that, you would not want to pick me as a member on your team.

15.  I am a creative writer. I love how you can make your world on paper and even make foot notes creative (I was inspired to use foot notes in my fictional writing from the author John Green).

16. . I am a song-bird although when I sing, it sounds like the bird is dying.

17. Not really a fact, but I am really, really excited to blog!

Hope you enjoyed those factoids about me and I can’t wait to be sharing with you all in 2014! 🙂




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