Secret Awesome Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Artisan Breads – Where to Find Them

I love bread. That is an understatement. When I first learned that I was having to go gluten-free permanently, I thought I would be basically committing food suicide and having to eat bread that tasted like cardboard for the rest of my life. This was probably due to the fact of me having to go temporarily wheat-free when I was very young and not having a lot of options back then and hence, having to eat bread that crumbled into pieces and was tasteless.  However, the times have changed and with that came MUCH better bread without gluten. Many people have heard of brands like Udi’s, Rudi’s, and Glutino that put out gluten-free breads and other products, but don’t know about smaller local companies that put out GF and allergy-free products. Now don’t get me wrong, these brands are great!! Their breads work perfectly for sandwiches and have a pleasant taste to them. They also have other really great products such as muffins (Udi’s. Oh my goodness they taste heavenly!!!!) and tortilla wraps (Rudi’s. These are awesome. They even have spinach flavored wraps. ), but sometimes it is nice to switch it up and purchase breads that have more of an artisan taste to them. Over the course of the  five years I’ve been 100% gluten-free, I have found some fantabulous brands that have breads and other products that burst with flavor and texture! Many of the following brands mentioned below will be from the New England area, but you can order products through the mail from these bakeries. Here we go!

Abigail’s Bakery – Warner, New Hampshire

Abigail’s Bakery makes a variety of products, but I have so far only tried their bread. They make their bread out of their millet and rice and oh my God it’s delish!!!! The texture is extremely chewy and is definitely not dry or crumbly like some other gluten-free breads. Also, their bread is yeast-free which is really rare for breads. So it’s perfect to use if you are going on a yeast detox but without having to sacrifice the taste.

If you go on their website and want to find the bread that I’m talking about it’s the whole millet and brown rice loaf.

Just to let you know, this is not a dedicated gluten-free bakery so if you are Celiac or sensitive, I would contact the company about cross-contamination before purchasing.

Little Stream Bakery – Perth, Ontario, Canada

The bread from Little Stream Bakery might actually be not just some of my favorite gluten-free bread, but bread in general of all time. Little Stream Bakery is an organic, green energy,  (they are powered by bull frogs) company that makes breads out of three varieties; Rice, Quinoa, and Buckwheat. I have only tried the Buckwheat and Quinoa breads due to rice already being in so many gluten-free breads. My verdict on these two breads is that they are TO DIE FOR!!!!!!! They  taste like artisan breads and have an incredibly nice earthy taste. You would never know its gluten-free, I swear! They taste soooo good toasted 😛 :P. My mouth is salivating right now just thinking about them. Also, might I add that Quinoa and Buckwheat varieties are actually primarily made of these two ingredients and are not just at the bottom of the list like some other brands (By the way, don’t you hate that. Like once, I saw that there were Quinoa waffles and I got all excited only to see that it was mainly made out corn and Quinoa was at the bottom of the ingredient list :(. Oh, what companies will do for advertising *sigh*) so it actually tastes like Quinoa and Buckwheat. To put the icing on the cake, the breads are also yeast-free.

Just to let you know, this is not a dedicated gluten-free facility. If you are Celiac or sensitive, I would recommend contacting the company for information about cross-contamination before purchasing.

P.S. – They also sell cookies 😛 :P. Quick note though that most of them have dairy in them, but it is only butter and the smallest amount. I personally do not react to butter, but for those trying to avoid it, I wouldn’t purchase the cookies. :(.

Hootin Gluten-Free Bakery- Darmariscotta , Maine

I discovered this absolutely incredible seeded bread while I was eating for the first time with my family at the 1912 Cafe at L.L. Bean. When I first tasted this bread, I swear, I thought that they put the gluten bread on my sandwich. But nope, it was 100% gluten-free. This bread has a delightful earthy, artisan-bread texture and has nuts and seeds in it 😛 :P. It tastes  AMAZING toasted and I highly recommend that you try it. Like ASAP, it’s that good. Just call the owner and she will mail it to you. Her number is (207) 380-2745. She is incredibly nice.  She also bakes other gluten-free baked goods (she makes UH-MAZING apple fritters!) but they are not all dairy-free.

Good For Life Foods- Sales Office: Worcester, MA & Baking Office: Northborough, MA

I have recently tried bread rolls from this company in both plain and caraway varieties (or otherwise known as the Rye-Less Rye Roll) at Rein’s Deli in CT and these are seriously the best things ever!! I especially love the Caraway roll. It taste EXACTLY like rye and has a very chewy, earthy but yet sweet at the same time taste to it. I highly recommend that you try these rolls. You can contact them at 508 – 451 – 5373 to order. This is a dedicated gluten-free facility.

So my advice to those that are just starting to go gluten-free is to look for local allergy-free companies in addition to mainstream ones. I feel that there is room for both kinds of gluten-free companies in the allergy world, but it is nice to spice up your food life by trying different brands. Now let me ask you, if you don’t live in New England, do you have local allergy-free companies near you? Which ones are your favorites?

P.S. – I will maybe take some pictures of these breads so you can see what they actually look like. Would you guys like that?


Alexandra Spund


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