A Funny 2nd Grade Valentine’s Day Story

2nd grade I think was the year of the most tragically hilarious moments for me. Today, I am going to share with you one of these moments that occurred on Valentine’s Day in the 2nd grade.  Here’s the story.

So for Valentine’s Day in the 2nd grade, our teacher had us pull names out of a hat that we would make a “valentine’s day lunch” for using their most beloved foods (very similar to Secret Santa). However, the kid I got I honestly didn’t like very much. I am though one of those types of people who tries to be cordial to everybody so I worked hard on making a nice lunch for him. I put it  in a wooden box and even painted it. I don’t quite remember what it looked like,  but it was seriously the most beautiful box ever (well, at least for a 2nd grader). However, the kid I got  spilled his chocolate milk and it splattered everywhere and drenched his box, which sort of ruined it and the food got all soggy. I guess I did all of that work for nothing :(.

When it was time for me to get my lunch, it was obvious that the kid who picked my name out of the hat scrambled everything together the last minute. Unlike other kids (like me), who made their special lunch boxes with nice designs, I got a white paper bag. Yup, a plain ol’ white paper bag. I didn’t even get a card; it was a piece of lined paper written messily in red colored pencil (at least he got the color scheme right!). You can’t expect too much from a 2nd grader though, eh? :).

As the hours ticked by, Valentine’s Day got more tragically hilarious. Later in the day, we received Valentine’s day cards and there was one in particular that caught my attention. So this little boy that was much shorter than me (and I was pretty short) gave me a valentine with a lollipop that said the words “Kiss Me” on it. As an eight year old, I took things super literally and thought this meant that he actually wanted to kiss me. I was also the type of kid who told EVERYONE if something interesting happened to me. Therefore, I went around the room exclaiming, “[Insert Name Here] WANTS TO KISS ME! EWW!!!” His mother should have been more careful when buying valentine’s day candy :D.

So, yup, that is Valentine’s Day during the 2nd grade in a nutshell. I hope all of you are having a great Valentine’s Day whether it’s with your special someone or fabulously single (I for one am fabulously single ;D).

Do any of you have funny Valentine’s Day stories from when you were little. Tell me them below in the comment box!


Alexandra Spund


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