I’m in a Spring State of Mind

It is hard to believe that about two years ago during this time period of March, it was a whopping 80 – 85 degrees in New England. I am not going to deny that fact that I was worried about the fact that March was becoming strangely steamy, but it was **SO** nice to be able to break out into shorts and sleeveless shirts and gobble up some delectable coconut ice cream :P. Fast forward two years later and here we are, having barely gotten a glimpse of spring two days ago. We are at that point where we’re still trying to tip toe around the ice and trying to brave the cold in our ski jackets (well, at least in New England). This winter has been uber long and frankly, it is welcome to leave anytime now. I keep having dreams about spring weather, but every day I wake up and the snow continues to lye on the ground.  Can’t winter just end in February instead?  March is just like Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor”, it’s the worst at faking us out that there is going to be a spring (sans the 80-85 degrees incident that occurred two years ago).  This state of mind I’ve been in lately has inspired me to share with you all some of my favorite things about spring. This is what I personally love about the season.

  • That first moment where there is no hint of coldness outside and you can just break out into your favorite floral skirt. It is always just nice to go outside and breathe in the fresh essence of the flowers without  seeing your own breathe ;D.
  • Speaking of the floral skirt above, I can not tell you just how much I love spring fashion. It is the type of season where you can get dolled up and not have to fret about whether or not your wearing the right type of gloves. I personally love those first moments where you can ditch the sweaters and wear bold leather jackets, printed leggings with a cute skirt, and feel the delightful breeze in between your toes when you first put your sandals on. This spring, I can’t wait to buy bargain hunt  new clothes that are the color of orchid and follow this dashingly awesome trend. I already have a nail polish in mind!

Zoya Nail Polish in “Hudson”

  • What I also love about spring is the plethora of nature that emerges around me as the months of springtime progress. To me, flowers are like ice cream sundaes for your eyes, bird calls are like Josh Groban for your ears, and seeing green grass sprout from the ground for the first time literally feels like you just found a pot of gold ;D.
  • Probably my number one favorite thing about spring is taking that first walk on the beach. I am a huge ocean person and I just love that first epic moment when I can focus on hearing the harmonies of seagulls and smelling the fresh ocean air while not being cold!

Those are my top favorite things about Spring! What are some of yours? Compile a short list below in the comment box :).

Here are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of the season, a scrumptious spring recipe I want to make that I found on the internet, and song that has spring vibes to it.

Illuminated Flowers


With text

The Background is key

Recipe: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/05/garden-loaf-with-maple-apricot-glaze.html

Song: Unfortunately, Word Press will not allow me to insert a YouTube video unless I purchase an upgrade so I’m going to have to give you  guys a url link sadly. This song is called “With Every Beat of My Heart” by Taylor Dayne and it is such an upbeat dance anthem. I think that you all will love it and want to press the replay button over and over again! :). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTJbEpVDdBc


Alexandra Spund


6 thoughts on “I’m in a Spring State of Mind

  1. Great post! I just got all excited about spring when I read it, even though it’s loads of snow here in Finland. I love it when our class sometimes study outside in school. (the teachers allow us to tan while we’re studying!) Also, I love when I get to drive my moped (you have to 18 to drive a car here in Finland).and I can go anywhere I want. And all of the things you mentioned of course! 🙂

  2. It’s funny you mentioned floral skirts…I’ve got a few floral dresses ready for the first warm days of spring and summer. They’re hanging up in eye shot at all times. Eyes on the prize! This past year I’ve been revamping my wardrobe (through bargain deals – poor college student that I am). Now I have a much more feminine, summer-friendly wardrobe full of blouses, camisoles, skirts and dresses. I cannot wait to wear them for the first time!

    Beautiful photographs. Especially the one with the bee! They capture the beauty, elegance and joy of spring perfectly. Photography opportunities definitely fall under my category of “I cannot wait for summer weather because.” I had fun with winter photography, but I’m looking forward to further summer and spring adventures at new locations.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for introducing me to yours. I love it!

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment :). I seriously can not wait to wear my summer dresses! When I was a young girl I use to dislike wearing dresses as I thought they were too “girly”, but now I can’t have enough of them :D. I also recently went shopping (more like looking for bargain deals as well; I’m a poor high school student lol) to get some clothes that I can wear when it starts to warm up . I especially can not wait to wear a gorgeous hi-lo chaffron skirt with a stained glass/pastel colored/tropical print I bought at J.C. Penney! Counting down the days till I can wear it!

    Glad you like the photos! You know, I should have listed photography opportunities now that you mention it, because I am SUPER INTO photography. I agree with you, winter photography can be very elegant, but sometimes it can be cumbersome to take photos in the bitter cold. I **love** going to the beach, so I can’t wait to take pics of gorgeous sunsets over the bucolic Oceanside during this summer.

    Thanks to you as well for stopping by my blog! I can’t wait to read more of yours!

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