Been Bit By The Shutter Bug Tuesday

Hi everyone!! Just letting you all know that I have not fallen off the face of the Earth and plan to be posting again on a regular basis. I’ve been so busy this summer it’s crazy, but I’ve missed blogging so much! I have also been doing a lot of thinking about the direction I want to take my blog, and I’m really excited about where I think its heading, as well as myriad of ideas I have to make this written space FAN-FREAKIN-FANTASTIC! While I am excited about this new direction I’m steering my blog, I also love having reader input! So please, tell me in the comment section below what posts I have written that captured your attention the most :D.

I know that I usually do “Been Bit By The Shutter Bug” posts on Friday, but I decided to do it a bit earlier this week. Here is some landscape and digital manipulation artwork that I’ve done lately!

Big Blog Hug,

Alexandra Spund

This was actually an old photo that I re-edited. I played around with settings in a photo editor and gave the oceanic scene a tilt-shift effect.

This was actually an old photo that I re-edited. I played around with settings in a photo editor and gave the oceanic scene a tilt-shift effect.

What I love the most about this photo is the huge contrast between light and dark. I also adore the cloud reflection!

What I love the most about this photo is the huge contrast between light and dark. I also adore the cloud reflection!

Yeah, I know, I could have chosen a more age appropriate title for this photograph, but that is what it feels like to me. This home is absolutley beautiful, but I never see anyone  actually living in it. Strange!

Now isn’t this home absolutley beautiful?!? The funny thing though is that I never see evidence of anyone living there. Strange!

Once again, I actually used an old photo I edited and turned it into a black and white kaleidoscope! Cool, huh?

Once again, I actually used an old photo I edited and turned it into a black and white kaleidoscope! Cool, huh?

This was actually a photo that I took with my cell phone and posted on Instagram. The day this photo was taken, the Old North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was open for free self-guided tours. Mind you that this is one of the oldest churches in the United States and notable historical figures such as George Washington have prayed here. Therefore, this made taking photos extremely interesting. Also, I took a lot of photos during sunset which made it  that much UBER COOLER and definitely gave the  experience a holy vibe.    :)

This was actually a photo that I took with my cell phone and posted on Instagram. The day this photo was taken, the Old North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was open for free self-guided tours. Mind you that this is one of the oldest churches in the United States and notable historical figures, such as George Washington, have prayed here. Therefore, this made taking photos extremely interesting. Also, I took this and other photos here during sunset which made the experience that much UBER COOLER and definitely gave it a holy vibe. ūüôā


Been Bit By The Shutter Bug – – – Personified Cars Wearing Mascara in NYC


I took this photo on my cell phone when I was in New York City last August. I actually edited this photograph on my cell phone and used a “mirror effect” to create the image that I did. Hope you all like it!! I will be posting more again starting this week!


Alexandra Spund

May Favorites and a Micro Rant on the Topic of Favorites in General

Hi everyone!!

I know that I am a tad bit late to the favorite things¬†party since it is already June 4th, but I’ve been wanting to do this type of post for awhile now, so I’m still posting it anyways . I’ve always enjoyed reading about the monthly favorites of other bloggers and you-tubers ,so I’m like, hey, why not make a post of my own! It’s ironic that I’ve been wanting to do this type of post for the longest time since I’m ridiculously terrible at choosing favorites. Whenever someone ask me a question like “what’s your favorite comedy t.v. show, place to take out Chinese food, eyeliner, etc.”, I always have to give more than one answer. However, I will try to condense this “Favorites” post down as best I can so I won’t tire your brains out :). Let’s get started with some of my favorite foods of the month!


Food :P:

I’ve been really loving my Mom’s artichoke and basil turkey meat balls this past month. These meatballs just have such a distinct flavor and smell heavenly. She’s also begun to experiment making them with lamb which also manages to blast my taste buds out of the water. I’ve also really had a thing for Mexican Food lately. I think this partially because we found the most AMAZING Mexican restaurant ever this past month! They have A TON of gluten-free options and use a lot of local produce to make their food. Not only is it such a healthy place to eat out, but everything there taste delectable! I mean, if hearing the words fish tacos doesn’t make salivate, I don’t know what does!


I’ve been really loving two products this month. The first product I’ve really been loving is my Pumpkin and Poppy cream eye shadow in “My Precious”. The color of this product is an absolutely stunning bronze that makes for the most incredible neutral pigment. This eye shadow is also wicked easy to apply and last ALL DAY with extremely little creasing. Seriously, I’m obsessed guys! You want to know what I’m also obsessed with? LIP PRODUCTS and in particular my Silk Naturals slick stick in Black Dahlia. This slick stick can create the slightest hint of plum on your lips if applied lightly, or a spectacular deep berry color with ultra shimmer if applied more intensively. I have a picture of myself where I use two of these products if you want to see.

Me makeupYeah, I know , I have weird pink tones under my eyes in this photo. This is because I was using a lousy concealer I purchased from Lush at the time that enhanced the pink tones the concealer would cause me to have when getting photographed. Oh the joys of  trying out new makeup sometimes ;)! 


I don’t really have any fashion favorites for the month of May, but I have been loving the days where I could break out into denim shorts, skirts, and short-sleeved tops. There is just no better feeling, especially after having a long winter!

Media (Music/T.V. Shows/Movies/Books/etc.):

I do have some book, music, and television favorites for the month of May! Unfortunately, I’ve been so jam packed with school work (you know how it gets at the end of year!) that I haven’t had much time for reading, but the book I enjoyed the most for this month was¬†The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I read¬†Paper Towns¬†last year and really liked it a lot! I just loved his witty dialogue and unique development of his characters! The past few months I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the book and knew that I had to pick it up and read it before the movie came out :). I read the book on my library’s kindle (which made it an entirely different reading experience all together) and thought it was a great page-turner, but also a tear-jerker (Well for most people at least, I personally did not cry. I don’t cry easily unless its something directly related to me or happening to someone that is close.) John Green really did a great job of creating likable, authentic characters that you could not help but root for. I am in awe of his deep understanding of the psychology of teenagers. In fact, I think he understands us teenagers more than we understand ourselves sometimes! In particular, he really made me understand how difficult it is for a teenager with terminal cancer to live their life, but not stop living at the same time. I wouldn’t say that this was the best book I ever read or say that it changed my life, unlike what many others have been saying, but I did really enjoy the book and would recommend it to anyone.

Okay, well, that was a long paragraph! I promise I’ll make ¬†the descriptions of my television and music favorites brief. There was nothing new on television that sparked my interest in May, but I did enjoy watching re-runs of Ugly Betty¬†on DVD. I’ve talked a little bit about my love of the show before, but it is by far the most HILARIOUS show I’ve ever watched and the acting is impeccable! This show is so good that it deserves its own blog post which will be coming soon :)!

For music favorites of the month, I have two; Taylor Dayne and Sarah Mclachlan’s new album Shine On.¬†I’ve always loved Taylor Dayne but I’ve been listening to her a lot more recently. In particular, I’ve been loving this remix that gives you a good glimpse of all of her best songs and just wants to make you get up and dance! I think I’ve listened to her to death and will have to give her break for awhile , but I highly recommend that you guys check her out, she’s awesome!

I’ve always loved Sarah Mclachlan’s voice so much, seriously, she’s one of my favorite female singers of all time. I’ve been so stoked for this album to come out this year and she never fails, I…PANCAKE FLIPPING..LOVE…THIS…ALBUM!! It is mellower than her previous work but it is still really great. My favorite songs from this album are “In Your Shoes”, “Flesh and Blood”, “Monsters”, and “Beautiful Girl”. I can’t wait to hear the songs live this summer when I see her concert, which is like a dream come true of mine!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my favorite things!

Here are the links below if you all want to check out what I’ve been talking about:


Alexandra Spund

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Oneka Elements Shampoo and Conditioner Review in Goldenseal and Citrus (Non-Toxic)

If there is a such thing out there as a miracle shampoo and conditioner out there for oily, flat, and dandruff-prone hair, Oneka Elements would be it!

Not only is this ¬†brand UBER AMAZING but they use incredible, wholesome ingredients and are by far the least toxic company I’ve used for hair care. ¬†This shampoo has literally transformed me from having borderline bad hair to looking like I just came out of the salon every time I washed it. Here is a before and after picture of my hair pre and post Oneka Elements.



Even though I washed my hair almost everyday, it was still looking extremely oily .  I tried a numerous number of shampoos/conditioners out there on the market and kept on feeling discouraged after each one failed me . However, you can never give up hope! After trying Oneka Elements out with low expectations, my hair became voluminous and did not have a speck of oiliness. Besides using a new shampoo and conditioner, I also found that blow drying my hair with my head upside down really helped  as well.

As mentioned above, this company also has extraordinary ingredients in their products such as ¬†burdock root (helps detoxify the body) and nettle leaves (improves durability of hair, gives it a nice glow, helps with allergies, and all in all, just plain good for you). These two ingredients are in all of their shampoos and conditioners. Also, its highlighted ingredients in the specific products I use, such as goldenseal and citrus, help with dandruff, oiliness, and make your hair soft and voluminous. ¬†This company also has other shampoos and conditioners in lavender /angelica, cedar/sage, and unscented. They also have other products that I have not tried yet such as body washes, lotions, styling creams, face creams, and soaps. The only downside of Oneka Elements is that there products are expensive (a whopping $14 a bottle!) but they last a wicked long time so it’s well worth it! I highly recommend giving Oneka Elements a try! Now tell me, what shampoo have you found has helped you the best with your hair problems?


Alexandra Spund

Mod Cloth- Quirky Adorable Vintage Fashion

I love Mod Cloth even though I haven’t purchased anything from them yet. I know I might be jumping the gun, especially since it is an online clothing site, but there stuff is just SO PANCAKE FLIPPING CUTE! For those of you who may not be aware of what Mod Cloth is, it is an online clothing site which sells stupendous vintage style clothing at not cheap, but pretty decent prices. In particular, I really take delight in their dresses. I feel like I am going to purchase one from them in the near future, ¬†so therefore I compiled a list last night of dresses I have in mind. Could you all help me narrow this list down a little bit? I’m awful at making clothing related decisions :P.

Coach Tour Dress in Rouge

Artisan Iced Tea Dress in Blueberry

Artisan Iced Tea Dress in Lavender

Pull Up a Cherry Dress in White

Schooner Said Than Done (Downright perfect for 4th of July, huh?)

Start Spreading The Mews (Literally, have never seen a dress like this before, it is so epic. I mean come on, how can you not fall in love with a dress with newspaper clippings about huggable felines on it?!)

Flowers on End Dress in Noir

Heart and Solar System Dress (Oh my gosh, I can’t even talk about this ¬†dress; it has me lost for words. However, it is very formal looking. I don’t have any formal events coming up anytime soon and I need more casual dresses to wear for the summer time, so therefore, this will probably be my second Mod Cloth purchase. ¬†However, if any of you think I could pull this dress off for a more casual day, let me know!)


Alexandra Spund

Been Bit By The Shutter Bug Friday

Hi everyone!

Today, I decided that every Friday will be Been Bit By The Shutter Bug Friday. ¬†This basically means that each Friday I will post a picture that I’ve taken and/or edited for you all to view. However, the week after next, I will be starting up the 30 day photo challenge again (seen in this post here¬† which I’ve been meaning to do this past month but…..I’ve been a uber wicked busy beaver and have not been able to take as many photos as I would have liked ¬†:(. It did look epically cool though and I’ve always wanted to do a 30 day photo challenge so I’m going to commit to it this next ¬†upcoming month. However, after the 30 day photo challenge is completed, I will resume to Been Bit By The Shutter Bug Friday again. Without further adieu, let me show you all today’s Been Bit By The Shutter Bug Friday’s image!

I see fire

Now don’t you all just love the smokey looking sky and water colored look of this image?! I especially find that the border I chose enhances this effect. ¬†Oh the wonders of what you can do with Photoshop!

As always, please contact me first before using any of my images. Thanks! I hope you all enjoy this image.


Alexandra Spund

P.S. A lot of you probably noticed that I changed the title of the blog from Chapter One to Moonbeams and Moss. I will be writing a longer post on why I changed the title shortly,  and why I feel that Moonbeams and Moss  is more fitting to the content of my blog.

Liebster Award

Last week, I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Risa’s Pieces ( First off, I want to give a big thank you and blog hug to Risa for nominating me! Now, it’s time for me to describe the award. This award is given to new bloggers, or bloggers with under 200 followers to help readers learn more about you and get your name out into the blog-oh-sphere. ¬†The magic number here is 11, so I will be answering ¬†11 questions, post 11 facts about myself, and then ask 11 questions for the bloggers I nominate. Here we go!

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I’ve always found that blogs were a great way to learn about new things. Whether you want to learn a new recipe, craft, or photo¬†technique, a blog is always there to help you! Also, I¬†absolutely adore writing and I aspire to be a communications major in college. Therefore, I thought that having a blog would be¬†¬†an excellent way for me to practice these skills and to share my ideas with people.¬†

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

You know, there are so many cool places in the world that it is really cumbersome for me to narrow it down to one. In the United States, I think it’d be intriguing to live in New York City, Washington D.C., California, any of the four corner states, or¬†Hawaii.¬†

3. Which magazines do you read?

Hmm…..I like Delicious Living, Living Without (although I think the title of the magazine is stupid lol), Gluten Free Living , Teen Vogue, Teen Ink, and National Geographic.¬†
4. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Well, I’m seventeen so I can’t drink yet lol. Does it count if I like the shrimp cocktail sauce from Trader Joe’s?¬†

5. Where was the best vacation you ever had?

Disney World hands down!!! I went once when I was seven years old and it was an epic experience! Probably the most memorable experiences from that trip was seeing Mickey’s Philharmonic (I don’t know if it still exists but it was seriously the best 3D show ever! Seriously, if ¬†smelling ¬†the aroma of apple pie as it pops out of the movie screen isn’t cool, I don’t know what is) ¬†and watching divers swim in a restaurant’s “aquarium” as we ate.¬†

6. What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

I have several favorite ways I like to pamper myself which I think are pretty universal for most women (and men for the first thing I’m going to mention). ¬†My absolute favorite way I like to pamper myself ¬†is by taking a long hot shower. There is nothing better than the feeling of having heat roll down your back :). Also, I find the process of putting on makeup very relaxing. To me, putting on makeup is artistic, so I sort of think of applying it as painting my face if that makes sense. In addition, I like pampering myself by dressing up more than I would¬†usually do¬†for the day. I don’t know, there is just something about a classic red dress (casual enough to wear for the day time of course) mixed with a pair of leggings and boots that can just fix all of your problems!¬†

7. What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was Nothing But The Truth¬†by Avi. This is a young adult book that my Mom picked out for me at Barnes and Noble. I thought it was a great book! In particular, the topic and the style in which it was written intrigued me. The book is ¬†about a guy, Phillip, ¬†who was not allowed to join his high school’s track team because he got a D in English class from a teacher who he’s convinced is out to get him. This enraged Phillip, so he would hum the National Anthem when he was supposed to be respectfully silent in homeroom in order to get under her nerves. As a result, he got suspended by the assistant principal and eventually became the subject of ¬†national media attention when he and his family¬†decided¬†to fight back. In addition to the plot, the style in which it was written¬†was very unique. Avi used a mix of dialogue, phone conversations, journal entries, and letters to tell the story. ¬†Overall, I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to read something a bit different than what they routinely read.¬†

8. What’s your favorite personal care product brand?

I can’t really choose a favorite personal care product brand because I usually chose one or two products from a brand rather than relying on a single brand as a whole.

9. Name one thing (anything) you can’t live without.

Well the first thing that comes to the top of my mind would be water, but if it had to be anything other than for purely survival purposes, it would be my family. 

10. Would you ever volunteer to colonize another planet?

It would probably be a very exhilarating and fulfilling experience, but I don’t think they make gluten-free/dairy-free astronaut food, so therefore, the answer would probably be no. ¬†

11. Favorite Batman: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, or Christian Bale?

I’ve never been into batman/spider-man/super-man movies, so I can’t really choose my favorite Batman based off of what I’ve seen. I’ll go with Christian Bale because he was so handsome and an incredible actor as Laurie in¬†Little Women (one of my favorite movies). Batman fans probably want to give my blog a mighty hard punch at the screen right now, lol.¬†

Here are some eleven fun facts about me!

1. I  was a gymnast for three and a half years, two of which I competed.  My favorite event was the floor exercise and I was once the state champion for this event . 
2. I have only been traditional camping with a tent exactly one time with my girl scout troop. It was fun, but I got WAY too many mosquito bites (25 on one leg, not fun!). I think this has scared me from going tent camping again . 

3. One of my first theater roles as a kid was the Kola-Kola bird in Elephant’s Child in the third grade. I recently found out that this was one of Jim Parsons’ (from the Big Bang Theory) first theater roles as well, which inspired him to be an actor. Cool, huh?

5. I can’t really whistle. I can sort of whistle through my teeth, but not really.¬†

6. I recently saw my first Broadway show with my aunt and uncle in NYC. It was Kinky Boots and it was awesome XD. 

7.  I really, Really, REALLY hate spiders. Daddy long legs probably creep me out the most. 

8. I also hate most other insects except for butterflies, ladybugs, and strangely, bees. I have absolutely no fear or problem taking pictures or being near ¬†them. I don’t know if it was a desire to take good bee photographs or The Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld that cured this.¬†

9. ¬†The first story that I ever wrote was when I was eight and it was about a family that was once on a wagon journey during the pioneer era. They ¬†got into a wagon accident and somehow ¬†“rolled” down a veryyyyy long hill that went from Indiana to Maine. Somehow, they survived this! As you can tell, I was not the best at writing realistic transitions as a kid.¬†

10. I am the biggest fan of the television show Ugly Betty and have seen every episode ever. 

11. I don’t win “pick from a hat” contests. The only time I won something from that sort of contest was a pumpkin in Kindergarten.¬†

Now 11 Questions for my nominees!!

1. What/Who inspired you to start blogging?

2. If you could use only one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would you use (blush, eyeliner, foundation, etc.)?

3. What is your favorite book from childhood?

4. Have you watched any of the Oscar movie winners and/or nominees from this past year and what is your verdict? If not, what Oscar movie and/or nominee movies from this past year do you want to see?

5.  What word makes it the most into your personal vocab?

6. What are your top five favorite clothing stores to shop at?

7. What is your most loved health food and green beauty product?

8. The Voice or American Idol?

9. Where do you want your next vacation spot to be?

10. When was your first concert?

11. What accent can do you the best besides your own?

Here is who I nominate:

Eco Diva – Eco Diva (

Elle РElle Bakes  (

Sophie – Alices Voice (

Dana – Hearty Habits (

Becca – Gluten Free Becca (

Emma РThe World According to Emma (

Katie – Inkspot (

Taryn – Seriously, Taryn (

Taylor – Simply Joy (

Leanne – Lass and Lipstick (

I can’t wait to read your answers!!! Happy blogging!


Alexandra Spund