I’m in a Spring State of Mind

It is hard to believe that about two years ago during this time period of March, it was a whopping 80 – 85 degrees in New England. I am not going to deny that fact that I was worried about the fact that March was becoming strangely steamy, but it was **SO** nice to be able to break out into shorts and sleeveless shirts and gobble up some delectable coconut ice cream :P. Fast forward two years later and here we are, having barely gotten a glimpse of spring two days ago. We are at that point where we’re still trying to tip toe around the ice and trying to brave the cold in our ski jackets (well, at least in New England). This winter has been uber long and frankly, it is welcome to leave anytime now. I keep having dreams about spring weather, but every day I wake up and the snow continues to lye on the ground.  Can’t winter just end in February instead?  March is just like Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor”, it’s the worst at faking us out that there is going to be a spring (sans the 80-85 degrees incident that occurred two years ago).  This state of mind I’ve been in lately has inspired me to share with you all some of my favorite things about spring. This is what I personally love about the season.

  • That first moment where there is no hint of coldness outside and you can just break out into your favorite floral skirt. It is always just nice to go outside and breathe in the fresh essence of the flowers without  seeing your own breathe ;D.
  • Speaking of the floral skirt above, I can not tell you just how much I love spring fashion. It is the type of season where you can get dolled up and not have to fret about whether or not your wearing the right type of gloves. I personally love those first moments where you can ditch the sweaters and wear bold leather jackets, printed leggings with a cute skirt, and feel the delightful breeze in between your toes when you first put your sandals on. This spring, I can’t wait to buy bargain hunt  new clothes that are the color of orchid and follow this dashingly awesome trend. I already have a nail polish in mind!

Zoya Nail Polish in “Hudson”

  • What I also love about spring is the plethora of nature that emerges around me as the months of springtime progress. To me, flowers are like ice cream sundaes for your eyes, bird calls are like Josh Groban for your ears, and seeing green grass sprout from the ground for the first time literally feels like you just found a pot of gold ;D.
  • Probably my number one favorite thing about spring is taking that first walk on the beach. I am a huge ocean person and I just love that first epic moment when I can focus on hearing the harmonies of seagulls and smelling the fresh ocean air while not being cold!

Those are my top favorite things about Spring! What are some of yours? Compile a short list below in the comment box :).

Here are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of the season, a scrumptious spring recipe I want to make that I found on the internet, and song that has spring vibes to it.

Illuminated Flowers


With text

The Background is key

Recipe: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/05/garden-loaf-with-maple-apricot-glaze.html

Song: Unfortunately, Word Press will not allow me to insert a YouTube video unless I purchase an upgrade so I’m going to have to give you  guys a url link sadly. This song is called “With Every Beat of My Heart” by Taylor Dayne and it is such an upbeat dance anthem. I think that you all will love it and want to press the replay button over and over again! :). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTJbEpVDdBc


Alexandra Spund


Facebook Pet Peeves

Facebook is the website we all love to hate. Even for those of you who proclaim that you despise Facebook, deep down you know you adore it  :). You feel like a superstar whenever you log in and thirty people who you are barely acquainted with click the minuscule thumbs up sign and “like” your new profile picture. Or when you write a status update that is just so epically awesome, sassy, owns everyone, and then your “friends” are applauding you with a plethora of “likes” and comments for posting it. It makes you feel like the king or queen of the internet.  Yup, that’s what Facebook does…about 10% of the time. However, the other 90% of the time, you are waiting for something to spark your attention and captivate your interest. Occasionally you’ll find something of intrigue, but…..much of the time, you’ll find status updates like these.



Status Update #1:

Lms (like my status) for a rate! 

I have seen an abundance of these types of status updates on Facebook and it is really starting to make my brains want to explode into a million pieces  annoy me. Ugh! Everyone always rates each other between an 8-10, because at the bottom of their hearts, they know it is a shallow concept to begin with, so they make up for it by giving a rating that is baseless and has absolutely no meaningful criteria whatsoever. Like seriously, I really don’t care about how hot or awesome someone else thinks you are. Why don’t people do a “truth is” instead? At least that has an encouraging basis! However, I do have to admit that it is awkward when someone you barely know “likes” your “truth is” status update and having no clue what to say.

Status Update #2:

I cut my leg shaving in the shower today and now I’m bleeding.

This was literally a status update I once saw and I’m like, “why the fig newton would I, or anyone else, care about this?” Yes, we have all cut ourselves shaving and yes, it’s no fun, but why do users really feel the need to announce this to their 240 Facebook friends? Do they really think so highly of themselves that they’d think that we’d all feel so much sympathy for their  little shower accident? Or maybe they’re just bored? If so, find something else to do! Build a snowman, paint your nails, read a book, or go out and purchase a better shaving cream, I don’t care,  just please don’t write about it in a status update.  

Status Update #3:

I hate me because of you. 

You want to know what I hate – – passive/aggressive status updates that, despite your attempts to mask it as poetry, fails in the process . Sometimes, they can give someone a chuckle, but when seeing them ad nauseum, I believe that they can be quite agitating. I think that this is a way people try to stave off live confrontation – by trying to deal with relationship issues by swiping away at the keyboard. I really dislike when people do this because problems should be worked out in real life rather than on the internet. Also, it is not right to get other people involved in your problems. In addition, making status updates like these all the time just makes people appear to be as bitter as dandelions , so please…just stop bombarding me with status updates like these.

Status Update #4:

F*ck this, f*ck everything, life has turned into f*cking sh*t, f*ck, F*CK, F*CCCCKKKKK!!!

I also really get annoyed when people incessantly curse on Facebook. When used appropriately and judiciously, Facebook status updates  that include cursing can be humorous or speak true to life. However, most of the time, it just makes you sound like a drunken sailor to be frank.  If you really want to get your message across effectively, use a thesaurus or even better, look up some cunning Shakespearean curses. People will take you more seriously if you do, trust me.

These are just some of the things that bother me about Facebook, but I want to spare everyone a forty paragraph rant. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook has **great** utility when used in a positive way. I love using Facebook to showcase my photography to people, keep in touch with friends and family that live far away from me, and it is enjoyable to learn about other people’s lives, but I just strongly resent the way Facebook can be misused sometimes. This is why I am starting to turn more to other social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and obviously blogging, rather than being a Facebook addict, ha-ha!

Do any of you share any of the same Facebook pet peeves or have your own? Share your thoughts  below in the comment box!


Alexandra Spund

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 4

Today I am posting a photo from Day 4 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge “Something Green.”

I am posting a picture of my nails painted with a new beautiful green/silver metallic nail polish from Zoya I am trying.


The nail polish is from the Zenith Winter Collection and is also featured in this post.


I am posting the link below, but I just want to let you all know that the Zoya website makes the polish look like a silver color, but in actuality, it is more of a green/blue with silver undertones :).


What do you all think of this nail polish?


Alexandra Spund

30 Day Photo Challenge

One of my biggest loves in life is photography . I just adore capturing the true essence of life and what encapsulates people. Since I love photography so much, I often find myself perusing different websites of photographers and absorbing information from sites where I learn tips and tricks to boost my photo skills. While I was searching the internet for some photography related stuff a few nights ago, I stumbled upon an intriguing looking 30 photography challenge on a photographer’s website. I have always really wanted to do a 30 day photo challenge and decided that this would be a fun one to start with. I also thought it would be a great incentive to get out and shoot everyday (which I strive to do usually, but don’t always have the time for). While I am following most of the photo challenge the way it was written, I decided to go against the grain a little bit for a few of the days and spice them up with my own flair. Here is the challenge.

The ones starred below are either ones that I enhanced or replaced with my own idea

Day 1: *Comical self portrait
Day 2: What you wore today
Day 3: Clouds
Day 4: Something Green
Day 5: From a high angle
Day 6: From a low angle
Day 7:  *Your favorite fruit
Day 8: A bad habit
Day 9: Someone you love
Day 10: *A picture of one of your favorite childhood memories
Day 11: *Monochromatic color scheme (a picture that contains only one color but of different shades [like if everything in the photo was blue but different shades of blue. Cobalt, aquamarine, soft baby blue, navy etc.)
Day 12: Sunset
Day 13: A picture of yourself with 13 random facts
Day 14: Eyes
Day 15: Silhouette
Day 16: *Handwriting
Day 17: Technology
Day 18: * Guilty pleasure
Day 19: Something orange
Day 20: *A hobby
Day 21: Face-less self portrait
Day 22: Hands
Day 23: Sunflare
Day 24: Animal
Day 25: *Pet peeve
Day 26: Close-up
Day 27: *Your ideal morning
Day 28: Nature
Day 29: Black and white
Day 30:  *Oxymoronic self portrait

Unfortunately, I will not be able to show you guys all of the photos I take each day for the photo challenge due to the decision my parents and I made to keep my face off of the internet till I turn 18 (only 11 months away guys ;D). However, I am able to show you guys today’s photo which is Day 3: Clouds



I really love both of these pictures because I think that the trees adds a lot of texture to the active skies showcased in these two photographs. Which of these two photos is your  favorite? Number 1 or 2?

I plan on posting a photo whenever I can for each day of the 30 day photo challenge. Have any of you guys done similar photo challenges to this?


Alexandra Spund

Gluten-Free/Dairy Free on the Go and Newfound Desire to Cook More

Tonight I’m going to share with you all a quick delicious lunch that is gluten-free and healthy. Last weekend, I had a late afternoon Saturday workshop session for an art program I am currently doing, so I had to make a concoction at the speed of a honey badger. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but point is I did not have a lot of time. It shames me to say this, but I don’t really cook as much as I should being an allergic person, so therefore, I wind up eating a lot of food from boxes that you just pop in the microwave. Now, don’t get me wrong, these gf foods that are packaged are not NEARLY as bad as packaged foods that are from your mainstream supermarkets, but still, these foods are processed at some degree and are often very grain based. While gluten-free grains are very beneficial for you, I don’t believe I get enough balance of fruits, vegetables, and protein in my daily diet. So therefore, I made an extremely, supremely late New Year’s resolution to  cook more and eat more veggies/protein. With this new resolve in my mind, I decided that instead of popping something inside the microwave, I would make a meal with my own two hands :). Here is what I made in like 7 minutes!


Looks yummy, huh?!? I made romaine lettuce hummus pineapple/mango salsa rolls :P.

Here are the specific products I used:
Trader Joe’s Original Garlic Hummus

Trader Joe’s Organic Romaine Lettuce (romaine is my favorite type of lettuce!)

Trader Joe’s Tropical Pineapple Mango Salsa 

Good for Life Foods Caraway Rolls (featured in this post https://believeinyou24.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/secret-awesome-gluten-freedairy-free-artisan-breads-where-to-find-them/) 

It was very simple to make and tasted ABSOLUTELY  DELECTABLE!!!! I would highly recommend that you guys try making this quick as a finger snap lunch using these ingredients, or even ones that are similar to what I mentioned! If you guys do try and make this (or something similar), please let me know how it taste!

I will say that I entered the blogosphere at the exact right time because there are A LOT of **uh-maz-iiing** gluten-free/dairy-free food bloggers out there that’s inspired me to become more of a cook. If any of you have delicious gluten-free/dairy-free(it also can be just a scrumptious recipe in general, I just have to be able to modify it) recipes to share, feel free to post them in the comment box below  :)!

What is your go-to healthy gluten-free lunch? Have any of you guys tried the products I listed above before?


Alexandra Spund

A Funny 2nd Grade Valentine’s Day Story

2nd grade I think was the year of the most tragically hilarious moments for me. Today, I am going to share with you one of these moments that occurred on Valentine’s Day in the 2nd grade.  Here’s the story.

So for Valentine’s Day in the 2nd grade, our teacher had us pull names out of a hat that we would make a “valentine’s day lunch” for using their most beloved foods (very similar to Secret Santa). However, the kid I got I honestly didn’t like very much. I am though one of those types of people who tries to be cordial to everybody so I worked hard on making a nice lunch for him. I put it  in a wooden box and even painted it. I don’t quite remember what it looked like,  but it was seriously the most beautiful box ever (well, at least for a 2nd grader). However, the kid I got  spilled his chocolate milk and it splattered everywhere and drenched his box, which sort of ruined it and the food got all soggy. I guess I did all of that work for nothing :(.

When it was time for me to get my lunch, it was obvious that the kid who picked my name out of the hat scrambled everything together the last minute. Unlike other kids (like me), who made their special lunch boxes with nice designs, I got a white paper bag. Yup, a plain ol’ white paper bag. I didn’t even get a card; it was a piece of lined paper written messily in red colored pencil (at least he got the color scheme right!). You can’t expect too much from a 2nd grader though, eh? :).

As the hours ticked by, Valentine’s Day got more tragically hilarious. Later in the day, we received Valentine’s day cards and there was one in particular that caught my attention. So this little boy that was much shorter than me (and I was pretty short) gave me a valentine with a lollipop that said the words “Kiss Me” on it. As an eight year old, I took things super literally and thought this meant that he actually wanted to kiss me. I was also the type of kid who told EVERYONE if something interesting happened to me. Therefore, I went around the room exclaiming, “[Insert Name Here] WANTS TO KISS ME! EWW!!!” His mother should have been more careful when buying valentine’s day candy :D.

So, yup, that is Valentine’s Day during the 2nd grade in a nutshell. I hope all of you are having a great Valentine’s Day whether it’s with your special someone or fabulously single (I for one am fabulously single ;D).

Do any of you have funny Valentine’s Day stories from when you were little. Tell me them below in the comment box!


Alexandra Spund

My Photography Hobby

My name is Alex and I’m a photoholic. Haha, not really, but I’m borderline getting there. I absolutely love taking pictures of literally everything. Seasoned photographers probably all now think that I’m just some person who has a glamorized view of their photo skills but in reality just takes pictures. Seriously though, I am someone who genuinely adores taking pictures of everything. I love capturing the candid essence of human beings, the whimsical aura of children, the tranquility of gorgeous landscapes, the cycle of nature that can be explored through insects and animals, and I also love to use digital editing programs to create alternative realities. Today I am going to be posting just a sample of my work. However, I will be posting more photos in the future and talk more about my passion for photography in future blog posts. I would write about it more now but I’m sleepy and need to get to bed. Also, I’m someone who is a perfectionist when it comes to their writing and I simply wouldn’t be doing (or is it giving?! This is what happens when I’m wicked exhausted and sleepy lol) my hobby justice if I were to just write out whatever comes to mind because I’m tired :P. So here are some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken/edited.





Alexandra Spund

P.S. Please don’t use my photographs without my permission first :). Thanks