Oneka Elements Shampoo and Conditioner Review in Goldenseal and Citrus (Non-Toxic)

If there is a such thing out there as a miracle shampoo and conditioner out there for oily, flat, and dandruff-prone hair, Oneka Elements would be it!

Not only is this  brand UBER AMAZING but they use incredible, wholesome ingredients and are by far the least toxic company I’ve used for hair care.  This shampoo has literally transformed me from having borderline bad hair to looking like I just came out of the salon every time I washed it. Here is a before and after picture of my hair pre and post Oneka Elements.



Even though I washed my hair almost everyday, it was still looking extremely oily .  I tried a numerous number of shampoos/conditioners out there on the market and kept on feeling discouraged after each one failed me . However, you can never give up hope! After trying Oneka Elements out with low expectations, my hair became voluminous and did not have a speck of oiliness. Besides using a new shampoo and conditioner, I also found that blow drying my hair with my head upside down really helped  as well.

As mentioned above, this company also has extraordinary ingredients in their products such as  burdock root (helps detoxify the body) and nettle leaves (improves durability of hair, gives it a nice glow, helps with allergies, and all in all, just plain good for you). These two ingredients are in all of their shampoos and conditioners. Also, its highlighted ingredients in the specific products I use, such as goldenseal and citrus, help with dandruff, oiliness, and make your hair soft and voluminous.  This company also has other shampoos and conditioners in lavender /angelica, cedar/sage, and unscented. They also have other products that I have not tried yet such as body washes, lotions, styling creams, face creams, and soaps. The only downside of Oneka Elements is that there products are expensive (a whopping $14 a bottle!) but they last a wicked long time so it’s well worth it! I highly recommend giving Oneka Elements a try! Now tell me, what shampoo have you found has helped you the best with your hair problems?


Alexandra Spund