Wicked and Wacky Weekend

I think that each and every one of us can say that some weekends are more exciting than others, whether they revitalize us for the work week or make us think, “why the fig newton does this horse crap always happen to me?” I am happy to say that this weekend has made me more refreshed and motivated for the week, even though it is summer, but that is not to say that cray-cray, awkward moments did not happen. In this post, I will be highlighting the wicked awesome and of course, the wacky that occurred this weekend.


-Having my theater showcase this Saturday and in particular, getting to make epic faces as a stepsister in a Cinderella scene and nailing my dude’s voice in a scene from Our Town.

-Confetti being thrown on the stage at the end of our play; nuff said :D.

-Munching on a gluten-free macaroon and the best gluten-free cookie ever (lemon almond cookie drenched in powdered sugar) after the showcase at my favorite bakery.

-Seeing the scene I wrote be performed on the big stage.

-Eating three different cuisines in one day; Indian for breakfast, Thai for lunch, and Italian for dinner.

-Going to Boston to visit two different colleges

-Loving one of the colleges that I visited

-Finding out that at the college I visited that I could produce my own television show regardless of my major, start up my own business, study abroad in a castle, and potentially interview Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Also, a student that our tour guide knew got to intern for Ellen DeGeneres because she was interested in talk-show hosting. Now where can I sign up?!

-Walking the Boston Common for the first time in…you know…I can’t even remember the last time I was there :/.

-Going to the North End for dinner and eating gluten-free penne pasta with clam sauce at my favorite Italian Restaurant, Al Dente.

-I’m now getting hungry from writing this post


-Thinking that I left my black pants for my theater showcase at home, but then realizing that I had left it with my theater company the night before, just as a volunteer had already driven to my program director’s apartment to get a back up pair of black pants.

-Accidentally getting eyeliner on my friend’s arm when we were all doing stage makeup.

-Dropping a mirror and chipping a little bit of glass off of it. I guess that’s seven years of bad luck for me! Or maybe less since I only broke a teensy weensy amount?

-Maybe this post should be called Wicked and Klutzy Weekend

-Two actresses backstage flashing the rest of my theater company their bras

-My Dad missing the majority of the scene that I wrote on camera and getting way too much floor footage. Totally not a filmographer!

-The student receptionist in the admissions center from the other school I visited came from the same town as me and  graduated from a charter school that I went to for a few months, but hated. Was it a sign from God to stay away? Maybe!

-Getting a bad tour guide that smelled and had ridiculously long fingernails. He also commuted from his house that was 45-50 minutes away from Boston and could tell me NOTHING about campus life.

-Who knew that internships were so secretive? When the tour guide mentioned that he had an internship, my sister naturally asked him where. His response; “It’s not really set in stone yet, that’s kind of personal”. Okay then…..

-Filthy bathrooms inside the building where the thai restaurant I went to was located (the building was owned by the university, but there were a bunch of other Asian restaurants in the building that were not owned by the school). Need me say no more….

-It was a bad hair and seasonal allergy day. Bad combo!

There you have it, my wicked and wacky weekend! So whether you had a super or terrible weekend, you can relate, because my weekends are not always, but often idiosyncratic :D!

Big Blog Hug,

Alexandra Spund