Sh*t Never To Say To Someone With Food Allergies

You want to know what amazes me? When people think that they are experts on things that they’ve never experienced first hand. Seriously dude, it’s like saying stay away from Indian food or don’t read Divergent because it’s just a rip off of the Hunger Games if you’ve never read/tried it before. Ludicrous! And do you want to know what really gets on my nerves? When people try to give me medical advice about my diet and what I should be eating, even though they are not a certified doctor or nutritionist. I have gotten this from people that are and are not related to (sans my immediate family of course) and it bugs me so much! Honestly, unless I seem unhealthy or unhappy, should you really be trying to toy with something that doesn’t even effect you? Do your research first before passing judgments. Since I’m in a ranting mood today, I’ve decided to compile a list of sh*it never to say to someone with food allergies:

Drum roll please…………………………..



1.) Don’t people go on the gluten-free diet to lose weight? You’re in such good shape!

While many people go on a gluten-free diet to lose weight, I did not eliminate gluten from my diet in order to lose weight. Throughout my teen years, I’ve never been slim, but I’ve most certainly never been overweight. I went gluten-free/dairy-free because my doctor discovered that I had an allergy after having medical problems that were chronic and would not go away. The long and the short of things is that it helped me and I’ve never been healthier than I’ve been now! Besides, if someone decides that they want to shed some pounds and think that going gluten-free might help, should you really be harassing them for eating a certain way that effects no one but themselves? As long as their diet is not turning into some type of eating disorder, is that really your¬†business? Nope!¬†

2.) Those types of foods are expensive! Why would you spend so much money on that?

Yes, I am well aware that eating foods free of allergens is¬†terrifyingly¬†more expensive than the food you’d get at your grocery store and this is a problem that bothers me, but I can’t control it. Unfortunately, it’s the highly processed ,¬†pesticide¬†infested crap-ola¬†that is the cheapest because they are the least expensive to produce. But it’s costing us our health and environment, which affects our future and planet greatly! I could go on and on about this topic, but I will save this for another day. Anyways, I’m aware that my foods are more expensive, and yes, I hate that, but don’t imply that my family is being irresponsible for taking care of our health. We are not wealthy, like a lot of people who think that citizens who eat healthy are. Since we are middle class, we have to make certain cutbacks in order to afford to eat this way, but it’s totally worth it! Why? Because I’m feeling good y’all :). Oh and by the way, going natural and eating healthy doesn’t have to be ALL expensive. We do a lot of our shopping at Trader Joe’s, who’s prices are comparable with larger chain food markets.¬†

4.) What can you eat?

I eat dirt and grass. So pure and healthy! Just kidding, just kidding. But when people ask me this question in an insulting manner, that’s what it feel likes they’re implying at times. I eat lots of amazing foods! Ever tried quinoa? It is seriously the best thing ever, you can pretty much put anything in it (berries, nuts, etc.) and BAM, you have yourself a meal! It’s loaded with protein too! :P. In addition to using several different grain substitutes, I like to advantage of foods that are naturally gluten-free such as vegetables, fruit, and meat. There is more to food than just gluten and dairy peoplez!

5.) Your diet is such an inconvenience!

Well that makes me feel good! If my diet is such an inconvenience for you than don’t hang or eat out with me! Thanks! Also, if my diet is SUCH an inconvenience to you for one night, than I’d sure as hell love to put you in my shoes and see how inconvenienced you feel now!

6.) Gluten/Dairy-Free, your food must taste disgusting!

Yeah, I just love consuming gross food! The highlight of my day is when I get to eat my crumbly, cardboard tasting sandwich for lunch. Bland really is better! Nah dude, do you really think I’d put up with deplorable food 24/7?¬†No way! Like I said before, gluten and dairy are not the only foods that taste palatable on this planet. Gosh!

7.) That looks disgusting!

Well you’re very rude Miss/Mr! Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners? But besides the obvious, do you want to know what I think is disgusting? The chemically drenched, genetically engineered meals you’re consuming that barely legally qualifies as food.¬†

8.) Weren’t you supposed to outgrow your food allergies?

Apparently, but I was not one of the lucky ones that suddenly discovered they could eat Mike’s Pastries again. Boo :(. I still have a reaction to when I eat gluten and/or dairy (especially dairy, the reaction is EXTREMELY STRONG), so yes I’m still an allergic person.

9.) Are you sure that you’re allergic to gluten and dairy?

Yes……why would I say that I have allergies when I don’t? And why do you care so much about me “double checking” when no one is shoving gluten-free/dairy-free foods down your throat? I’d like to know!

While not everyone is like this and don’t always mean to be rude, it can get soooo annoying and I’d appreciate if people would ask me about my diet in a more of an inquisitive manner rather than a judgmental one. Thanks y’all!

For all of you allergic folks out there, what is the most annoying sh*t you’ve gotten from someone about the foods you eat?


Alexandra Spund


Gluten-Free/Dairy Free on the Go and Newfound Desire to Cook More

Tonight I’m going to share with you all a quick delicious lunch that is gluten-free and healthy. Last weekend, I had a late afternoon Saturday workshop session for an art program I am currently doing, so I had to make a concoction at the speed of a honey badger. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but point is I did not have a lot of time. It shames me to say this, but I don’t really cook as much as I should being an allergic person, so therefore, I wind up eating a lot of food from boxes that you just pop in the microwave. Now, don’t get me wrong, these gf foods that are packaged are not NEARLY as bad as packaged foods that are from your mainstream supermarkets, but still, these foods are processed at some degree and are often very grain based. While gluten-free grains are very beneficial for you, I don’t believe I get enough balance of fruits, vegetables, and protein in my daily diet. So therefore, I made an extremely, supremely late New Year’s resolution to ¬†cook more and eat more veggies/protein. With this new resolve in my mind, I decided that instead of popping something inside the microwave, I would make a meal with my own two hands :). Here is what I made in like 7 minutes!


Looks yummy, huh?!? I made romaine lettuce hummus pineapple/mango salsa rolls :P.

Here are the specific products I used:
Trader Joe’s Original Garlic Hummus

Trader Joe’s Organic Romaine Lettuce (romaine is my favorite type of lettuce!)

Trader Joe’s Tropical Pineapple Mango Salsa¬†

Good for Life Foods Caraway Rolls (featured in this post 

It was very simple to make and tasted ABSOLUTELY  DELECTABLE!!!! I would highly recommend that you guys try making this quick as a finger snap lunch using these ingredients, or even ones that are similar to what I mentioned! If you guys do try and make this (or something similar), please let me know how it taste!

I will say that I entered the blogosphere at the exact right time because there are A LOT of **uh-maz-iiing** gluten-free/dairy-free food bloggers out there that’s inspired me to become more of a cook. If any of you have delicious gluten-free/dairy-free(it also can be just a scrumptious recipe in general, I just have to be able to modify it) recipes to share, feel free to post them in the comment box below ¬†:)!

What is your go-to healthy gluten-free lunch? Have any of you guys tried the products I listed above before?


Alexandra Spund

Rave Review!! Udi’s Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free/Soy-Free/Nut-Free Muffin Tops

As a kid I use to love muffin tops. We use to get these amazing chocolate chip muffin tops from Whole Foods Market and whenever we brought them home from the store, they’d be gone within two hours of ¬†purchase. Also, let me add that my Dad will only eat the tops of muffins and not the bottom. He says that the top of the muffin is the tastiest part. So as a little kid, I use to follow suit and only eat the tops of muffins. I guess his eating habits kind of rubbed off on me. When I learned I had to go gluten-free I knew that I would have to give up eating muffin tops. ¬†While my mom was able to find some delicious gf/df muffins, I still missed my muffin tops. However, that problem was solved recently. ¬†A few months ago when my Mom and I were shopping at Hannaford’s, we spotted a new Udi’s product which were the allergy-free muffin tops! I was sooo happy! I got so excited it was ridiculous! Not only were they the first gf/df muffin tops I’d ever seen but tasted delectable as well. They are extremely chewy, moist, flavorful, non-gluten-free tasting, and pretty much anything else you’d ever want in a muffin top. They also do not fall apart and they hold together well, which is important to me in finding good gf/df products. ¬†These muffin tops come in two different flavors; chocolate chia and blueberry oat. Are you salivating yet? I know I am :P.

These are super delicious and I highly recommend that you give them a try! Udi’s did an amazing job with the formulation of these muffin tops and in my opinion, are one of Udi’s best products. If anyone reading this happens to know a chef over at Udi’s, ¬†give my accolades to the chef ¬†;D.

Have any of you tried these muffin tops before? What are some of your favorite products of Udi’s?


Alexandra Spund

Celebrities With Food Allergies

Hi everyone!

Since the primary focus of this blog will be about living with allergies, I thought it’d be fun to kick this blog off with a post about celebrities who have food allergies. I did some research and here is what I came up with.

Zooey Deschanel – This New Girl leading lady is allergic to dairy, gluten, and eggs. She tried to go vegan for awhile but had to stop due to her already severe food limitations. I think people (including me) with multiple food sensitives can totally relate to her.


Keith Olberman – TV political broadcast host Keith Olberman has Celiac disease.

2008 Summer TCA Tour - Day 14

Clay Aiken – The American Idol star is allergic to tree nuts, a very common allergen, but also has some allergens that most people don’t hear about such as mint, chocolate, and coffee.


Beverly Mitchell – The former actress who played the dramatic but yet adorable Lucy Camden from 7th Heaven use to be allergic to eggs, yogurt, and cheese. However, these allergens disappeared when she became pregnant. I have never heard of that happen before!


Chelsea Clinton – The daughter of former President Bill Clinton has Celiac disease.


I personally find it very cool when I learn about celebrities that have food allergies as it makes me feel like I’m not the only one that has to work with them. I hope you all enjoyed this post and happy new year!


Alexandra Spund