Ulta Beauty Mini – Haul (Natural)

Ulta Beauty is basically a playground for women who love makeup/hair styling/skin care products. However, if you mostly shop for natural beauty products, shopping at an Ulta can be somewhat cumbersome. Fortunately for me, Ulta is so large that there is something there for everyone, you just need to be careful at checking ingredients. Recently, I’ve been looking for a natural nail polish brand. Since learning about the harsh chemicals that can be in nail polishes, I’ve tried out about 3-4 different natural nail polish brands and all of them chipped and did not glide on easily. This was very discouraging and I was pretty much ready to give up the ship since I’m  pretty natural in my food and beauty products already. However, I continued to Google search for natural nail polishes and found Zoya. I perused their website and found out that they had an ABUNDANCE of stunning nail polish colors; they even had some that were duo-chromatic which I love. Also, Zoya was one of the first natural nail polish brands to come on the market and is also a 5-free (i.e. camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate), not 3-free lacquer. After reading all of this great information about Zoya,  I knew I had to give it a try! I was going to order it online until I got a coupon book from Ulta where they listed that they had a new line of Zoya nail polishes that came out.  I got so excited (no online shipping charges wooo-hooo!!!!) it was ridiculous! Anddddd….to top it all off, I got a 20% off of my purchase discount in the mail. When I got to the store I picked out two nail polishes which were named Cassedy (metallic silver) and Julie (lavender).

Zoya Nail Polishes and EOS lip balm

I decided to try the  “Julie” first since Valentine’s Day was coming up and I thought lavender would be a good color for the season :). The nail polish glided on fairly easy and although it took a little bit longer to dry it, was fairly quick for a natural nail polish. However, what I got ecstatic about was the end result! The color was sooo pretty and did not look like a kinder-gardener painted my nails, unlike the previous nail polishes I have tried. Although the chipping occurs sooner than with a non-natural nail polish, it has stayed on very nicely and does not come off in big clumps. I highly recommend trying Zoya nail polish!

The Final Result

The Final Result

In addition to the nail polish, I also purchased an EOS lip balm. I have heard many people (even those who do not purchase natural beauty products) rave about this lip balm and I had to see what the hype was all about. This lip balm is very inexpensive (I think it was like 4 dollars or something?!) and is 95% organic. Ulta had a whole array of EOS lip balm flavors, so making a decision was difficult (when you come to know me, you’ll know that I am the absolute worst at making decisions/choosing favorites).  After probably taking like 10-15 minutes to decide, I went  with the “Smooth Sphere Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm”.  I have to say that so far I really like it. The honey dew flavor is quite rich and it also does a good job of moistening my lips,  which is important, because I get really dry lips during the winter time. Anyone who is looking for a great natural lip balm for winter time should give this brand a shot!

Have any of you guys tried zoya nail polish before? If not, have you tried other natural nail polishes and what has your experiences been with them? Also, if you have tried the EOS lip balm, what is your favorite flavor?


Alexandra Spund