My name is Alex and as evident in this photo, my two main loves in life are photography and going to tanning booths.



Just kidding everyone! Thank the wonders of Photoshop! It is true that I’m almost as pale as Snow White, but I like to fix that with a little blush, not tanning booths ;). It’s a heck of a lot safer, I can tell you that much! However, photography is really one of my true loves in life, in addition to digital imaging. I love creating alternative realities and collages using digital imaging technology.  Here is a collage I did of one of my favorite cities, The Great Apple! I really ❤ cities.



However, I live in a suburban town that is borderline rural. It’s pretty boring, except for the fact that we get an abundance of wildlife. We literally get wild turkeys and deer everyday on our lawn!1798535_417517825061585_1471856007_n


And it snows like a hella ton!


But I live near some pretty cool areas! One of my favorite places to go and take photos is Pierce Island, an extremely scenic, coastal place in between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine.


I have to adhere to a gluten-free/dairy-free diet which can be a serious drag sometimes, but it’s getting easier and easier, and has made me become more passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Btw, I like to take pictures of my food sometimes :P. What is pictured here are some morning glory (apple, raisin, carrots) muffins. Yum, Yum :).


I also do a little bit of modeling on the side ;).


Nah, not really! In most pictures, I act really goofy and discombobulated. I have no problem making fun of myself and have a very good sense of humor about things. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is take ugly selfies on my cell phone, lol.



I guess this makes me a good thespian because in theater, you have to make a lot of really crazy faces, gestures, and sometimes have different accents (i.e. dude’s voice, southern belle).


Speaking of theater, I do it with an amazing, all teen girls non-profit art organization, that I’ve done a lot of different programs with. In one of them, I got to write an empowering poem.  As you can probably already tell, I love being creative, and I feel that writing refreshes your soul and not only ignites ideas, but teaches you about yourself and the world.

10426648_502706396542727_2147346074131994719_nSpeaking of being creative, I love fashion and putting outfits together. I am proud to say that I do not have a specific style and like switching it up!

pattern of my dress

I especially love pieces with bold color schemes and tribal prints.


And cute hats!

10649590_552093228270710_1349383927426192431_nI’m also really girly in the fact that I love makeup. But I’m careful not to use too much, because I find for me, less is better. One of my favorite cosmetic things to do is create bold lip colors by combining different lipsticks/glosses. I also love playing around with eyeliner!

Old Fashioned Girl

But most of all, I love living life and capturing those precious memories through a variety of creative mediums. Thank you for stopping by my blog and hope that it will give you some creative fuel after reading it! I hope you stick around :).

xoxo (yeah, I know it’s a bit juvenile, but I really don’t care, I’m a kid for life man)

Alexandra Spund













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